Working together successfully as a team

You can read it in almost every job description: you have to be a real 'team player' (and at the same time ... be able to work independently). What exactly does that mean? And how can you yourself contribute to a successful team? How do you create a good and efficient working atmosphere for yourself and others?

This TedX (13’07”) demonstrates the importance of good teamwork.

What kind of team player are you – do the test!

According to Dr Meredith Belbin, there are nine team roles to be identified. You can distinguish between functional, organisational and personal roles. Depending on the objective, what you want to achieve with a team, each team has an ideal composition. A team consisting only of creative people runs the risk of getting bogged down in ideas. A team consisting only of performers runs the risk of doing a lot of work without an appealing result. A team that is aware of this can, by allocating tasks and functions, steer towards better team functioning with corresponding results. Knowing what role you, with your personality, can play in a team is essential. Do Belbin’s team role test here.

Extra information in Dutch


This webinar (Dutch, 56’) teaches you:

What good teamwork is and what the building blocks are, how you can grow as a team player by taking a critical look at yourself, handy tips & tricks to promote teamwork and dealing with generational differences within teams