Brainstorming and creativity

Creativity is seeing something new (opportunities or solutions to problems), finding something new, and doing or making something new. So with that, creativity is more than a way of perceiving, thinking or doing; it is a combination of all three. Creative thinking allows you to come up with original solutions and innovative ways of working. You can stimulate creative thinking by using brainstorming methods. (see further, new subsection)

The purpose of brainstorming and creative thinking is to break through fixed thought patterns and to come up with new ideas. And to approach things in a slightly different way than 'normal'. The goal? To come to solutions or ideas that you had not previously thought of. Together with others, without imposing ideas.

Our start-up survey shows that creativity is the 4th most important skill among SME employees.

Furthermore, the SMEs expect the recent graduates to have skills such as ‘creativity and creation of ideas’ and ‘problem solving/analysis of data’, which are the respectively fourth and fifth most valued competences among newly qualified employees.