Basics of project work

Case competitions are real-life assignments given by businesses, where small groups of students have 48 hours to work out a solution to a problem and pitch this to a jury in a five-minute presentation. Koyote Millar (they/them) is a self-proclaimed project nerd, and in this short video they talk about the case competition as a project, both as a way of organizing work and as an attitude. Koyote goes through important basics of projects, such as time limits, a limited set of resources, and specific goals. They stress the importance of understanding the needs of stakeholders–clarifying the “why” of your project–to making a project plan, prioritizing between tasks, and coming up with relevant solutions. They also remind us that people are the most important resource in any project, and that if team members can share their current talents, experiences, limitations and imagined possibilities, projects are great spaces for learning.