Feedback from Belgian students

A group of Belgian students, who participated in the case competition in Oslo, have described their experience as well as what they've benefited from at the event.

Last week, Jorn Bernaerts, a student at UC Leuven Limburg, published a post about his experience at the Growth4SMEs case competition in Oslo to LinkedIn.
Bernaerts describes what he experienced in Oslo, as well as what he, along with his friends, gained from participating in the event.

The post reads as following:

"Last week I went to Oslo together with Jonas Bosmansjonas emmer & Dayo Croes as part of the International Experience course at UC Leuven-Limburg . We participated in a case competition for the benefit of the project Growth 4 sme's at the University of OsloFrida Almqvist from Halogen and Per Røhnebæk from FoodCapture explained the cases we could choose from. Together with Simona Talacova and Pegah Mirkiani we chose the case of Halogen.

However, working on this project was very challenging for me. First of all, it was in a foreign language and secondly, this was the first case competition I participated in. Something completely new. After reading many papers, websites and articles we came up with the ultimate solution, something to be proud of. On Thursday the winner of the two cases was chosen and a little later the ultimate winner of the case competition. My group had won the case of Halogen. In the case of FoodCalture, 2 ladies were the winners. So it was between these 2 groups to become the ultimate winner, with the result that my group finished in a nice second place and received a nice prize.🥈So I overcame the stress and was able to finish this new experience with a nice result.

I would like to thank Arnt Maasø and Torunn Nyland for this opportunity. I have learned a lot in these 4 days and have enjoyed trying to solve this case. For me personally, this was a great networking opportunity and a chance to work with foreign students with different studies.👌🏼"